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ResponsePad™ keypads

Impact Explorer™ uses wireless keypads to gather opinions and responses from an audience. Wireless keypads are a very effective means of gathering audience responses since they are easy to use and quite familiar to people given the similarity to TV remote controls. Banxia® provide a choice of keypads to go with Impact Explorer™ so you can choose which suits you best.

Infra-red keypads

Infra-red keypads provide a very good alternative to radio keypads, and cost a lot less. The technology is proven and is used for large educational venues with hundreds of students.

Impact Explorer supports two different infra-red keypad systems: PRS-IR and the ResponsePad™ described here


The ResponsePad™ keypads are available with Banxia branding, and are a full two-way infra-red keypad providing full functionality at low cost. Each participant in the audience responds to the questions by pointing the keypad toward the receiver and pressing their key choice. The LED lights and the choice is beamed to the receiver (“base station”) which acknowledges it and the LED changes color. Unlike the PRS keypad (below) there can be no overlap so the system is as reliable as radio.

The ResponsePad base station can support up to 512 keypads with no additional repeaters needed.

A single ResponsePad™ keypad costs approximately £40 plus tax and the receivers cost approximately £195 plus tax. A robust case costs £95. The ResponsePad™ system provides a full functionality keypad response system at a price level accessible to many more users than was previously possible.

Infra-red keypads are an economic solution that works well for groups of all sizes. The low cost brings audience response methods within reach of everyone. They work well when you need to separate into syndicate rooms as there can be no interference. If you prefer to try the system before you buy it, or you own a system and want to extend the number of keypads for a workshop, you can also rent keypads from us.

ResponsePad™ keypad weight: 96g. Max dimensions: 18.7 x 5 x 1.5 cm approx.

Carry cases for ResponsePad™

The standard supply of carry case carries 20 keypads with the base station, cables and power supply. An alternative style allows for up to 50 keypads to be carried.

Accessories for ResponsePad™

We can supply spares and accessories for the ResponsePad™ system, including power supplies, cables and connectors.

Base stations and receivers

The Impact Explorer™ software is licensed per base station.


Summary of differences

Feature Radio based Infra-red based
Line of site No Required
Confirmed response Yes In software display
Weight Comfortable Very lightweight
Cost Call for quote Call for quote
Multiple base stations Not with Impact Explorer Yes, either multiple for single workshop,
or easy to use more in break-out rooms.
Keypad keys marked 1-10, Yes/No, A-E marked 1-10, A-E (ResponsePad)
Number of keypads supported Up to 250 Up to 512 (ResponsePad™)

Prices and information correct at time of writing. See pricing pages for latest info, or ask for a quote. E&OE