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Clikapad keypads

The CLiKAPAD® keypad is a business-class radio keypad. Available in two versions, with a single LED or a 7-segment LED, it is credit card sized and very portable for travelling business use. Note that we always quote on the better value single LED version unless specifically asked.

The luminescent (glow in the dark) tactile membrane keypad is great for low light situations, e.g. conferences, with numeric keys 0 to 10 plus * multi-function key. The overlay has A through I markings too. The keypad offers advanced facilities such as a detector and sentry for mislaid keypads.

The CLiKAPAD RF base station is powered by the USB port and is compact and elegant.

Full details are available at the CLiKAPAD web site.

Radio based keypads are a good choice for large sessions, and for larger rooms. If you want to break out into multiple small sessions, you need to take interference into consideration.

Keypad weight: 34g. Max dimensions: 8.4 x 5.3 x 0.77 cm (credit card sized) approx.

Note that Impact Explorer supports other brands of radio keypad in different parts of the world. Please contact us for more information if you already have radio keypads.

Summary of differences

Feature Radio based Infra-red based
Line of sight No Required
Confirmed response Yes In software display
Weight Comfortable Very lightweight
Cost Call for quote Call for quote
Multiple base stations Not with Impact Explorer Yes, either multiple for single workshop,
or easy to use more in break-out rooms.
Keypad keys marked 1-10, Yes/No, A-E marked 1-10, A-E (ResponsePad)
Number of keypads supported Up to 250 or more depending on system. Up to 512 (ResponsePad™)

Prices and information correct at time of writing. See pricing pages for latest info, or ask for a quote. E&OE