Rapidly evaluate ideas and issues in business meetings and focus groups

Wireless keypads

Impact Explorer™ uses wireless keypads to gather opinions and responses from an audience. Wireless keypads are a very effective means of gathering audience responses since they are easy to use and quite familiar to people given the similarity to TV remote controls. Banxia® provide a choice of keypads to go with Impact Explorer™ so you can choose which suits you best.

Radio keypads

Radio keypads have been a long time favorite for audience response systems. The technology is proven, and because it uses radio there are no line of sight issues. When the user selects an option, an LED on the keypad lights up and the keypad sends the response. The user has positive confirmation, and the radio system sorts out conflicts with other users pressing at the same time. The keypad selections are sent to the computer from the radio base station through the computer USB port.

See the sub-sections for more detail on each keypad type.