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Demo download

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Impact Explorer® Demonstration

Installation executable : Information:
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ImpactDemo3.EXE(Size is 16M) Last updated Monday, 13-Aug-2007 11:38:05 BSTSelect the “Save to disk option” if you have a choice of saving or running directly.
The Impact Explorer™ demonstration file is called ImpactDemo3.EXE. The demonstration software for Impact Explorer™ is a “working demo” version. It is fully functional, apart from the fact that you can only use a single simulated keypad with 49 random-simulated keypads. Supplied as a Windows executable it will install into a directory on your computer. An uninstaller is provided so you can remove it easily.

Impact Explorer™ Reference Manual (also in main demo download)

Acrobat file (PDF): (approx 3.4Mb) Information:
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ImpactExplorer3.PDFClicking on the link will usually show you the document in your browser. If you wish to save a copy to disk, right click and select the “Save target as” (or similar) option. This may take a while to download.
This is the full Reference Manual, provided for you to get a better understanding of the software and how it is used. A printed copy is included in the shipped product.


We know that many people download the demonstration files successfully each day. If you are having trouble, check that your own configuration is working. If the problem persists, please contact us by email to info@banxia.com.

Demo installer failure

If the demonstration installer program doesn’t work when you have it (illegal instruction?), then check that the file size is close to that described above, you may have to download again if not.

Lots of funny characters

If the file appears as a lot of funny characters on your screen, click the Stop button, and then click Back to get you back at this page. Now, RIGHT CLICK on the link to the file, and select the “Save Link as” or “Save Target as” option. This will force your browser to save the data as a file, and you will get a filename prompt.