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Impact Explorer – Reference Manual contents list

To download a full, PDF copy of the Reference Manual click here. The following items are representative of the current manual, though additional material may be released subsequently which will alter the details.

Impact Explorer™ – Software updates

Version 3.2. Existing users can use the Help menu Check for Updates item to obtain the latest information.

The last update was released on Monday, 10-Aug-2009 16:03:11 BST .

Recent updates

The changes are significant. Full details in the online documentation. You can now obtain the latest version direct from your installed software using the Help menu Check for updates item. This will allow you to get the minor updates available since the first release.

Recent changes:

  • Detection of RIM Blackberry virtual COM port which does not operate properly when disconnected
  • Select COM Port now auto-selects the best port and keypad type if possible
  • Welcome dialog now streamlined to make it even faster to get started.
  • Allowed all actions in the demographics, so you can split on the current Q&A results
  • Colour of bars change allowed
  • Alternative Excel output format added
  • Fixed some PowerPoint interaction issues
  • Reset agenda resets to first item too
  • Fixed and enhanced background editing
  • Cancel button now works for PowerPoint etc too
  • Save as template resets current activity
  • Preferences dialog, Graphs tab renamed to Transitions for easier finding
  • Statements now support rich text (with graphics)
  • PowerPoint action now able to watch for specific text, and move to first slide
  • Enhanced agenda editing
  • Removed screen flicker that happened in some situations

If there is something you would like to see in the software, please email us to let us know.

Update download

Use the download details on your license sheet to access the new version, or use the Check for updates facility in the Help menu.