Rapidly evaluate ideas and issues in business meetings and focus groups

Additional features

In addition to the main facilities, Impact Explorer™ packs in a number of facilities that make your life as a facilitator much easier. These keep with the theme of quick and impromptu capability while allowing for more structured, pre-prepared workshops too.

Spell Check

You can quickly spell check the element texts and the voting prompts to ensure that you are putting on a good presentation. British and American dictionaries are included as standard.

Agenda manager

Impact Explorer™ 3 includes a full “agenda manager” which allows you to prepare not only activities like voting and ranking, but also statements, discussions, breaks, and timers. Full details are in the online manual.

PowerPoint integration

Impact Explorer™ 3 improves the PowerPoint integration by not only including a button on the toolbar which will take you straight to your current PowerPoint presentation window, and allowing PowerPoint Actions to switch to Impact Explorer, but you can now control your whole presentation using a “master keypad” and automatically switch between PowerPoint and Impact Explorer according to the agenda you have defined. These allow you to seamlessly integrate Impact Explorer™ into a workshop using PowerPoint as a tool for explanation and Impact Explorer for voting.

Microsoft Word & Excel document building

Impact Explorer™ can export to Microsoft Word® or Excel® to create a summary of the workshop, saving you having to type the basic meeting details in again, and can full results can be included as well as the pictures generated. This can be done at the end of the workshop, or later back at your office for more considered feedback.

Demonstration mode

Impact Explorer™ includes a demonstration mode that enables you to show people how the software works without having to set up a radio keypad system. It includes a single on-screen keypad and 49 emulated keypads which will produce random responses.

Full screen mode

You can tell Impact Explorer™ to fill the whole display with just the data, thus removing the window borders. Along with the auto-hiding toolbar, this encourages 100% focus on the topic in hand.

Full background customization

You can specify the color of the display background to the questions, either as simple color, or a gradient fill. In addition you can include a bitmap which might be a corporate logo, or a bitmap, perhaps related to the workshop theme or to match your PowerPoint presentation.

Full documentation in three different forms

The Impact Explorer™ manual is available as online help – just press F1 in the software to view information about the current screen. It is available as a PDF file for printing, and as an online reference on our web site. And of course if you buy the software, you get a printed version.

Full service options

Our service options don’t just stop at supplying the software and hardware. If you want coaching in the use of the software and facilitation techniques, it is available as part of a package. Facilitation and consultancy are also available.

Training courses

A training course introducing Impact Explorer™ and facilitation to professionals is now available. Visit the the training events pages for details.