Rapidly evaluate ideas and issues in business meetings and focus groups


The key voting software tools

  • Question and Answer
Q & A mode allows you to get feedback in a very flexible multiple-choice format. You specify the “question” and the response choices that users can select from. While a warm-up quiz is an obvious application, this is useful for gathering opinions such as which brand participants perceive as the market leader. For full details, click here.
  • Matrix assessment
Matrix mode is used for two-dimensional assessments of elements. This is particularly useful when considering issues such as project risk/reward, cost/benefit, probability/impact, investment (of time, money, man-power, emotion etc.) / value added; stability / sensitivity. For full details, click here.
  • Voting
Voting mode is used to obtain opinions using a range of values on a number of elements. For example, how much resource should be allocated to possible activities. You can use various scales, for example, 1 to 10, A to E, yes/ no. For full details, click here.
  • Ranking
Ranking mode is used to obtain first, second etc. preferences from a list of options. For example, the order in which possible activities should be done. For full details, click here.

Further details of the tools in Impact Explorer™ can be found in the Impact Explorer User’s Manual.

Additional features

In addition to the main facilities, Impact Explorer™ packs in a number of facilities that make your life as a facilitator much easier. These keep with the theme of quick and impromptu capability while allowing for more formally structured workshops too. Details of the spell check, PowerPoint integration, Agenda facility, Word document building and demonstration mode are detailed here.

Editions available

Impact Explorer is now available in two different editions to help fit everyone’s budget.

The Standard edition provides:

  • Decision Explorer link
  • Export to Excel
  • Up to 25 items in each list
  • No break or statement agenda items

The Professional edition provides the above plus:

  • Demographics in graph displays
  • Matrix mode (2D risk assessment)
  • Break and statement agenda items
  • Up to 5000 items in each list
  • Agenda writer for producing printed agendas


If there are any features about which you would like further explanation, please contact us. Email us at info@banxia.com to send us your inquiry about Impact Explorer™.