Rapidly evaluate ideas and issues in business meetings and focus groups

Impact Explorer Overview

This product is no longer sold, but if you have questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Rapidly evaluate ideas and issues in business meetings and focus groups.

Opinions are important, and gathering and taking note of opinions rapidly is not always easy without a good tool to help. Impact Explorer allows you to gather a group of people, from 3 to 500 in size, and find out what they feel about a subject. Whether the group are experts in your organization, your customers, or a management team, you can rapidly put together a list of topics and use the various tools to find out valuable information.

Impact Explorer™Impact Explorer™ can be used for simple data gathering where the results are not displayed, or it can be used as a focus for debate and discussion. In the latter mode, you can identify disagreements amongst the participants, and then discuss them to gain a better understanding of the situation. Impact Explorer™ is designed to be flexible – you can use it for impromptu meetings, or for fully pre-prepared formal workshops. It can integrate with other tools like PowerPoint® and Decision Explorer® for seamless operation, and can use data from a variety of sources including disk and clipboard. It doesn’t get in the way when facilitating a workshop – you do not have to remember to save results because it does that for you automatically. At the end of the workshop, you can generate a report with the results using Microsoft® Word or Excel, saving you time typing the data in again.

You can use Impact Explorer™ as a stand alone tool or you can use it with Banxia’s Decision Explorer® software (an ideas mapping package). With Decision Explorer® as a public display a “map” of ideas about (for example) potential risk factors can be shown. The group works together with the easy to use electronic keypads to assess the impact and probability of any potential risk. The keypads that Impact Explorer™ uses are just like the ones you may have seen used on television shows for audience participation. The keypads allow you to quickly gather opinions from everyone involved in your meeting or event and to see how their thoughts about risk factors vary.

I have used Impact Explorer™ in stakeholder workshops for about two years and in locations from the Faroes to Innsbruck. Our workshops cover topics such as predicting effects of land use policies on landscapes, and selecting priority indicators of environmental change. We usually use a mixture of paper-based and electronic decision making, depending on the workshop. Participants really enjoy interacting with the keypad and computer display system, and it makes the event memorable for them. Another major advantage for us is to be able to easily track the initial scores of participants and the revised scores after group discussion.”
Neil Bayfield, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council.

Low cost keypads available

With Impact Explorer™ 3, a complete 20 radio-keypad system can be purchased for less than £1100. We now offer two types of wireless keypads for your participants to use. See the wireless keypads page for full details, and the pricing page for comparative costs.

Version 3

Impact Explorer™ version 3 has new facilities to create an improved audience response system with a full agenda planner, improved PowerPoint integration, and demographic graph displays.

The key tools

  • Question and Answer
Q & A mode allows you to get feedback in a very flexible multiple choice format. You specify the “question” and the response choices that users can select from. While a warm-up quiz is an obvious application, this is useful for testing knowledge and for gathering opinions such as which brand participants think of as the market leader.
  • Matrix assessment
Matrix mode is used for two-dimensional assessments of elements. This is particularly useful when considering issues such as project risk/reward, cost/benefit, probability/impact, investment (of time, money, man-power, emotion etc.) / value added; stability / sensitivity.
  • Voting
Voting mode is used to obtain opinions about a number of elements which might be people, places, events or other general ideas using a range of values. For example, you might consider how much resource should be allocated to possible activities. You can use various scales, for example, 1 to 10, A to E, yes/ no.
  • Ranking
Ranking mode is used to obtain first, second etc. preferences from a list of options. For example, prioritizing the order in which possible activities should be done.

Each of these four tools, Q&A, voting, ranking and matrix assessment is outlined in detail on the features pages.

Keypad choices

Impact Explorer™ supports two types of wireless keypads. Wireless keypads allow maximum freedom and flexibility of operation, and the different types provide a choice to fit budget and location constraints.

Pricing and product options

Pricing for the Impact Explorer™ software is based on the keypad capability purchased and the number of base stations in use. A complete 20 radio-keypad system can be purchased for less than £1100. Rental of a radio-keypad based system is also available for occasional use.

The software can, depending on capability purchased, handle up to 500 keypad response devices using one base station or receiver set. The license for the Impact Explorer software can be purchased separately from the keypad hardware if you already have compatible keypads – contact us to confirm suitability. The Impact Explorer pricing structure allows you to buy in at one level of capability, and then upgrade your license to have higher level of capability as the groups that you are working with get larger.

Click here for full pricing details.

Training courses

A training course introducing Impact Explorer™ and facilitation to professionals is now available. Currently, there are no training events scheduled for this product, but we can arrange one for you. Visit the the training events pages for details.

System requirements

Impact Explorer 3 requires XP, Vista or 7. A USB port will be needed to connect the base station. You will usually need a projector to display the screen.

How to buy Impact Explorer

You can buy Impact Explorer™ and the keypads to go with it on our online shop or by emailing or calling us to arrange invoicing and purchase orders. We can supply any part of the system that you require, from an all-inclusive package to individual components. Unlike many suppliers, we are open about our pricing (see the pricing page) so you know the cost from the start with no hidden extras or bias. Small orders are shipped from stock, larger orders may take a few weeks on hardware delivery (call for details). We look forward to hearing from you soon.