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Training materials

Training materials are available for your own internal use and for use with customers.

Materials available: Materials are supplied as:
· A5 size (w 210mm x h 148mm) full colour brochure Hardcopy or PDF
Please contact us at with any special requests.
· Working demo (limited to 30 concepts per model, but able to read “clean” models of up to 90 concepts) Download from our web site downloads area
· Decision Explorer® User’s Guide PDF
· Introductory Workbook: workbook 1 (version 1.4) PDF
· Introductory Workbook: workbook 1 French Language edition PDF
· “Getting started with cognitive mapping” PDF
· “What’s in a name?” – a comparison of three mapping techniques (Published in “Insights into qualitative data analysis. Scolari. July 2000) PDF
· “Mapping for Qualitative Data Structuring”. Paper presented at Institute of Education, London, 8-9 May 2003. “Strategies in Qualitative Research: Methodological issues and practices using QSR NVivo & NUD*IST” conference. PDF
· Slides from “Mapping for Qualitative Data Structuring”. Paper presented at Institute of Education, London, 8-9 May 2003. PowerPoint® 97

Slides only

· “CAFE: Construction Alternative Futures Explorer”. Manual describing a process for scenario development. A generic method developed in a construction industry context but with wider applications. Written by Jenny Brightman, Colin Eden, Kees van der Heijden and Dave Lanfgord. Version 1.2 Updated by Jenny Brightman. Nov. 2002. PDF
· Value Magazine June 2004. “Cognitive mapping: theory and practice” PDF
· Case studies 1 – Aggreko Generators PDF
· Case studies 2 – Essex County Council PDF
· Case studies 3 – Looking at “soft” issues in construction project management PDF
· Case studies 4 – Decision Explorer® as a research tool PDF
· Case studies 5 – Decision Explorer® and the Delict Game PDF
· Newsletter Compendium 2010 PDF
· PowerPoint® presentation

“Introduction to Decision Explorer®”

· PowerPoint® presentation

“Introduction to cognitive mapping” (version 1.1. Released Feb 2001).

PowerPoint® 97

Slides only

Slides with tutors notes

Notes on training materials:

1) PDF = portable document format. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files. The reader can be downloaded free of charge via a link in the demo downloads web page. PDF files downloaded from our web site are provided free of charge.

2) To ensure consistency all PDF files are provided in a printable but non-editable form.

3) All PDFs are set up for A4 (w 210mm x h 297mm) size paper. The Acrobat “shrink to fit” option can be used to print to Letter size paper.

4) All hardcopy materials are provided in A3, A4 or A5 format (and not Letter size or any variants of Letter size).